Wall Art Clips For Kids

wall art clips

Like most kids, my daughter brings home a ton of art projects. Like most Moms, I have no idea how to display everything. I had to come up with a solution. I decided to use wall art clips and picked up these brightly colored, inexpensive binder clips from Ikea. You could use any binder clips. Target also carries some pretty cute options.

You could also buy the plain binder clips and paint them bright colors to match your child’s room. Another option would be to cover the plain clips with glue and coat them in glitter.

We measured out ten spots on my daughter’s wall. We then put ten tacks in the wall and stuck the clips onto the tacks. My daughter loves to see her artwork displayed in her room. Each day, we put the most recent artwork first and leave the older things in back. However, my daughter has a few favorite art projects and asks us to leave some of those in front.

At the start of each new school year, I will take down the previous year’s artwork in preparation for the next batch. Right now, I’m using a file folder to store each year’s art projects.

It is so easy to create an art wall in your kid’s room. Not only does this project take very little time, it also is extremely inexpensive.

Your kid will be thrilled to see their artwork on display. My daughter shows her wall to everyone who comes over to our house.


Wall Art Clips For Kids Project

Tools Needed:
Binder Clips

1. Decide how many wall clips you want to use.
2. Evenly measure out each space, leaving enough room so that your child’s art projects wont overlap.
3. Use a pencil and mark each spot.
4. Insert a tack into each spot.
5. Thread a binder clip over each tack.




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