Doorway Puppet Theater

This tutorial is for a doorway puppet play theater. This is a super simple, inexpensive project. Your kids will spend hours putting on shows for friends and family.

play theater

Doorway Puppet Play Theater Instructions

Items Needed: (I got all of these supplies from Michaels)

Piece of cardboard
Ruler/tape measure
Exacto Knife
Large piece of red felt-36 x 36 inches
Six ribbon pieces-13 inches long
Bag of sparkly adhesive felt stars
Two square sheets of blue sparkly adhesive felt-10 x 12 inches
Tension curtain rod

-Fold the large piece of felt in half. Measure 5 inches down from the top, along the folded edge, and sketch out a 10 x 6 inch rectangle with the chalk. Cut out the rectangle with the scissors (see picture below).

play theater 1

-Fold one of the blue sheets of felt in half long ways. Cut out curtain shapes. Unfold the felt and cut along the crease made by folding. You will have two curtains. The picture below shows an example of one curtain.

play theater 2

-Take the remaining blue sheet of adhesive felt and cut two-12 x 2 inch strips. Take the remaining strip and cut a 3 x 6 inch rectangle.

-Attach the curtain panels on either side of the window.

-Starting at the top of the outside right curtain edge, place the 2 x 12 inch strip. Repeat this for the left side. You will have a blank space in the middle. Secure the 3 x 6 inch rectangle on top of the strips over the middle space.

-Attach six evenly spaced adhesive stars to the top of the theater.

-Put a piece of cardboard underneath the top portion of the theater. Using an exacto knife, cut a slit through the star and the felt (see picture below).

play theater 3

-Insert a ribbon through each star and felt. Tie the ends of each ribbon to form a loop.

-Apply the remaining adhesive felt stars as decorations all over the theater. I let my daughter apply the stars.

-Insert a tension rod through the ribbons and secure in a doorway.

You are now ready for hours and hours of play theater fun! Your children can use puppets, dolls, cars or any type of toy to put on shows for everyone.


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    Such a good idea! I love the little star details. Thanks for sharing your DIY puppet theater. I pinned! Hope to see you at True Aim.

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